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Special Flavors of Dali
    Dali is a great place to experience life of Bai ethnic group. Here are some recommendations of food in Daili Autonomous prefecture.
Hostels & hotels in Dali
    The old urban area of Dali in Yunnan province has been a tourist destination for westerners in the past 20 years. This picturesque city, with balmy climate and decent living conditions, has been a magnet for foreigners.
Entertainment in Dali
    Dali has become a distinguished tourist destination attracting countless travelers who are looking for something extraordinary.
Transport guide in Dali
    How to get to Dali? You can go there by train, bus and plane. The specific transporting introductions are as follows:
Tourist attractions in Dali
    Dali is a place where a lot of travelers start their dream. Roaming around streets in the old town, you will be likely to be attracted by the story of the city.